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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  August 9, 2009 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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captions provided by: real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. dangerous heat hit it is baltimore. thermometers hitting 95 and up. what the city is doing to keep you safe. the hazy, hot and humid conditions will continue. how steamy it will get tomorrow and will we get relief? a group that helps the homeless now needs help themselves. randy and simon speaking out about paula. why they say idol won't be the same without her. live in high-definition from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. hot, hot, hot. >> it's pretty nasty. >> sweaty. >>reporter: the summer swelter
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is here. hazy, hot and humid. we've got all 3 to deal with and this is just the beginning. good evening. baltimore issues its first code red heat alert this summer with temperatures topping well over 90 degrees many people are struggling to stay cool. melinda roeder live at federal hill with more on our summer sizzle. >>reporter: we've been carrying around a ther momster all day today. the hottest temperature was well above 100. we didn't need a thermometer to figure out it was really hot today. there's only one word for weather like this. >> hot. >> hot, hot, hot. >> hot. >>reporter: with the sun beating down, it didn't take long for baltimore to warm up into the the 90s. >> 90 feels like 110. >>reporter: visitors tried to keep cool. overlooking the water, they soaked in every
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wave of wind. >> kind of cooler down here though because we were by the water. >>reporter: many chose to get into the water instead. most city pools were packed by mid-afternoon as temperatures climbed close to 100. it felt even worse. at riverside park the poodle does his best to cool down and keep up with his owner. at 98, it's weather unfit for man or beast. >> we want people to take precautions. >>reporter: city officials take the heat seriously, knowing it's about to get worse. >> we're issuing a code red heat alert for today, tomorrow and tuesday and this means we're opening our emergency cooling centers. >>reporter: not everyone is feeling fatigued. >> it's not unbearable. >>reporter: he came out to practice. directly in the sun on the pavement one side of the
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cart warms up to 104. >> you have the breeze. it's nicer shooting from that angle because you have the shade. >>reporter: even in the shade, there's little escape. >> i poured water on me. >>reporter: and little else to do without water. >> we were debating about going back in the pool just to keep cool. >>reporter: health officials are reminding everyone to check in on their family and neighbors, especially the elderly this week and make sure they're okay. also, if you need to visit a cooling center and you don't have a way to get there, the city is offering free bus passes on code red days. pick them up at any fire station. live tonight from federal hill, melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. there are 11 cooling centers throughout baltimore. they will be open tomorrow and tuesday from 9:00 in the morning until 7:00 at night. you can call 311 to find out where the closest center is to
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you. go to the heat is affecting all of us, especially the ravens at training camp. the coach gave the players a break today. instead of full pads, there was no hitting and the players got to wear shorts. >> (unintelligible). our guys handle it pretty well. >> the ravens will be back on the field tomorrow and it will be even hotter. vytas reid will tell us how steam teis going to get. >> looking at very uncomfortable conditions today. it's going to continue into tomorrow. today's high anywhere from 96 to 98 degrees. d.c. showing 96 degrees. 96 in baltimore. these were the recorded highs. some areas feeling a little warmer from 97 to 98 degrees, depending on where you were, as far as heat conscien
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conditions. heat advisories for baltimore city, baltimore county and points around us up until 10:00 tomorrow because of those temperatures getting quite hot and uncomfortable. north on i-95, we have heat warnings up there. excessive heat warning until 8:00 tomorrow for those folks and up towards philadelphia because temperatures soaring into the upper 90s almost touching 100. here's the future scan temperatures. showing those temperatures tomorrow getting quite warm through the afternoon. 80s by the afternoon. looking at temperatures close to 100 or 101 degrees. that's what the model data shows. our forecast is looking like mid and upper 90s as we get through the afternoon. 82 degrees. muggy conditions starting out at 78. plenty of sunshine. sun and clouds through the afternoon around noontime. almost 90 degrees. we'll climb into the mid and upper 90s into the midlate afternoon. very uncomfortable conditions. i'll show you how long this heat will stick around in my 7-day
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forecast. with the heat and humidity, there is always the chance for severe weather. you can track any coming storms down to your street by using iradar. in other news, more reward money is being offered for information about the murder of a baltimore county liquor store owner. he was killed during an attempted robbery at his store on bel air road back on july 16th. metro crime stoppers is offering thousand dollars for information leading to an arrest. now the korean-american grossiers association is giving an additional amount. the faa continues to investigate a deadly plane crash in carroll county. authorities say the two-seater plane went down around 7:30 yesterday morning, shortly after taking off from the airport. the wreckage was found about a quarter mile
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away. the pilot and his friend were both pronounced dead on the scene. those who knew him say he was an experienced pilot. >> also a general aviation pilot. i think he was the member of a flying club at the naval academy and took an interest in light-sport aircraft and was very good at it. it was, i'd say his passion. >> the bodies of both of the victims have been transported to baltimore for autopsies. divers search for bodies and debris following the mid- air collision over the hudson river that killed 9 people. 7 of the 9 have been found. crews have recovered parts of the liberty tour's helicopter that collided with a single-engine plane. the victims include 5 italian tourists and a helicopter pilot from new jersey along with 3 members of a family from
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pennsylvania. in a few days the ravens head to the stadium for their first pre-season game. >>reporter: i can't believe that football season is already here. the ravens take on their rivals, the washington redskins. they have had a busy off-season trying to keep the veterans from leaving and building on last year's success under a first-year head coach and quarterback. the team has practically had two-a-day practices since the end of july. several key guys are back and healthy. the coach is excited for the season to get underway and says his team is ready to play. >> it will be a fun game. it's against a team we read a lot about down the road. everybody in the nfl looks forward to the first game after being at camp for 3 weeks. >> we'll have a lot more about
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what is going on, plus i go one on one. he was trying to take down 1 of baseball's best pitchers. we'll have highlights coming up in "sports unlimited." next on fox 45 news at 10:00, the fight over health care reform. how you can get your voice heard. a group that feeds the homeless may become homeless itself. how you can help, next. paula quits. now simon reacts. how the the home.
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especially in weather like this, most of the us can't imagine what life would be like living on the streets. a local organization that helps make life more bearable for the homeless is now in need for help itself. at their headquarters, happy helpers for the homeless prepare 6 hvend lunches every weekend. >> the organization was started 17 years ago by his daughter. >> it's the first time in our 17 years we've ever put a plea out for anything. reert reporter: the plea to stay in this building. the headquarters was made possible four years ago as a gift. before that, "happy helpers" was working out of a cramped
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apartment. >> it has been the biggest blessing. we need this site so desperate desperately. >>reporter: they won't be able to stay here. while the rent was paid for by various donations over the last four years, the money has run out. >> if for some reason we don't get the funds, we're not sure what we're going to do. >>reporter: the success stories abound. he says "happy helpers" helped him get away from the gang life. >> it might be y'all in this same position one day. >>reporter: you can find out how to help by going to f if you have something happening in your community, upload pictures or stories by going to neighborhood news. you can also send pictures and
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videos directly from your cell phone. health care reform will be the focus of a town hall meeting scheduled for tomorrow night at towson university. starting at 7:00, the senator will be on hand to answer questions about the president's plan for change. only the first five hundred people will get into the concert hall. that tells you how much of a crowd they're expecting. signs and political banners will not be allowed. >> i give credit to the representatives who are having town hall meetings because i think most people are just really frustrated that washington is not listening to them. >> tomorrow's event in towson is sure to get heated just like many other meetings being held across the country. senate minority leader said he is not surprised by the reaction. >> americans are very sceptical about putting the government in charge of american health care.
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they're sceptical as to whether it will be paid for. even if they become convinced it is paid for, you have to look at how it is being paid for. >> some are holding meetings over the phone or the internet. on friday, we asked you if you thought the health care protests will sway votes. 64 percent of you said yes while 36 percent said they won't. steve from baltimore county writes, "though the protests should send a message to congress, i don't believe they'll change their votes. they haven't listened to us or the constitution they're supposed to uphold." testing of the vaccine begins tomorrow right here in baltimore. the university of maryland school of medicine is the lead center for the nationwide vaccine trials. almost 70 healthy adults were collected to get the swine flu vaccine. they'll be given a shot tomorrow and will have to keep track of their health over a week. they'll go back for a
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you can get amazing tv, internet and phone for just $79.99 a month for six months. that's like getting all three incredible fios services for the price of two. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v today. this is fios. this is big. good evening. look at a hot and humid day today around baltimore. pretty much all
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across the eastern atlantic. we've continued to see hot temperatures from the southwest and those temperatures into the mid-90s to upper 90s and factor in the humidity level on the upper side of things, boy, it's pretty sticky out there. partly-cloudy skies. humidity levels at 69 percent. we'll continue to see temperatures climbing. as we get through tomorrow, another sweltering today. today's high at 92 degrees this. is bwi airport, where that is taken. downtown inner harbor, 96 to 97 degrees. it didn't break the record back in 1930. nonetheless, we're going to see the temperatures go up a few more notches. stay in the ac. looks like another hot day on the way. it's going to be very uncomfortable out there with high humidity levels. if you have ac, take it easy in the shade or drink plenty of water if you're doing a lot of outdoor activities.
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the heat advisory stretching across the mid-atlantic, including the d.c. area, eastern shore. the purple indicating heat warnings up towards philadelphia. this is just going to be a very sweltering, uncomfortable situation as we go through the day tomorrow. try to take it easy indoors, if you k. here's what's going on with the state temperatures right now. 81 degrees downtown baltimore. 85 in d.c. 87 in haggerstown. still kind of warm and muggy through the overnight. we had strong thunderstorms on the eastern shore. heavy showers and thunderstorms. gusty winds earlier today. that pushed to the southeast. we're left with clear skies to the west. tomorrow expect to see plenty of sunshine through the mid-morning and afternoon. there could be a pop-up shower or thunderstorm that we'll see possibly late in the evening from all that heat and humidity out there. in fact, the model data showing a chance for a late shower around 8 or 9:00. as we get into tuesday, more sun and clouds. another round of showers and thunderstorms in
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the afternoon and evening because of all the temperatures in the mid-90s with those high humidity levels you usually get thunderstorms firing up in the atmosphere. expect to see temperatures around 99 degrees. winds out of the west at 5 to 10. a hot day for folks in salisbury. very hot and uncomfortable. the same amries for the central portion of the state. 98 to 99 degrees with a westerly wind at 10. it looks like on the bay if you have a chance, go take a dip. it's going to be pretty pot. winds out of the west at 10 miles an hour. waves a one-foot chop and looks like downtown temperatures around 98. the heat index would feel like 100, 105 at times. especially in the urban center of the city where there's more concrete and pavement you have to deal with. we'll have a light westerly wind at 5 to 10. your 7-day forecast shows how long the
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heat will stick around. 95 on tuesday with a chance for showers and thunderstorms as the front starts to push through the area. that will be our relief as we start to see changes through the overnight on tuesday into wednesday. maybe remains showers. thursday, 84 degrees with a little sun and complolouds. 87 saturday and sunday with clearing conditions. the weekend looks pretty good. the next couple of days, hot and uncomfortable. remember iradar is available at use fox 45's powerful doppler radar to track coming storms. the tool lets you see when rain or snow will be over your house. go to the back-to-school shopping season is officially here. in this economy, many analysts say this year's sales probably won't make the grade. mir understanda stevens explained. >>reporter: 7-year old ashley
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wants everything fancy for back to school. >> all fancy stuff. >>reporter: dad, on the other hand, wants to keep it frugil. >>reporter: last month national retail sales fell by 5 percent as consumers across the country continue to tighten their belts in a bad economy. >> it's harder. your money -- you have to stretch your money a lot further. roefrt reporter: a year ago parents might have bought a designer book back and laptop case. this year, not so much. >> it is much harder this year than any year in the 40 years we've had. >>reporter: while parents may buy fewer non-essential back-to-school items this year, basic supplies like notebooks and pens will still drive them
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to the stores. he's hopeful as consumer confidence builds, they'll keep coming back. >> people out there want to spend. they're tired of punishing themselves. that pent-up demand is what everybody is hoping on. you put out purchases you really wanted to have. >>reporter: perhaps by christmas, ashley's new list of fancy stuff might have a better shot. >> when she sees stuff on tv it will be, i want this and i want that. we'll cave in a little bit. myranda stephens, fox 45 news at 10:00. consumers shouldn't try to wait until the last minute expecting brargains. gas prices take a jump again. how much more you're paying to fill up. still to come. she was like my best buddy really on the show.
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simon speaks out. how he feels about paula abdul le
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as the summer goes on, gas prices continuing their upward climb. the national average stands at $2.64. $0.22 since memorial day weekend. here in
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maryland, drivers are paying $2.56, up a penny from yesterday. in baltimore, a gallon of regular will set you back $2.54. >> here you have to go everywhere, like even grocery shopping. these gas prices matter so much to people. >> to find the lowest gas prices wherever you live, head to our website, look for the community features section and click on "pump patrol." simon and randy speak out for the first time about the shocking news that paula abdul is not returning for season 9 of idol. she announced she was living on twitter. she made her decision after not being able to come to an agreement on a new contract. >> i was disappointed and upset
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when i found out she wasn't coming back. >> we love her. she's going to be great whatever she decides to do. >> she said she's been getting new job offers. after winning his major league debut, could


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